Designing a bespoke garment is the perfect way to achieve your desired garment.

The bespoke process will start with a consultation where your design idea will be discussed in detail and you will be able to see our most recent collection in person along with fabric swatches. At the end a sketch will be created for your approval. 

To achieve the desirable fit, we will take your measurements during the consultation and we create you a toile (mock dress) so your design can be tested and perfected.

We recommend 10 months for completion of the entire process, but bookings can still be made after this time. Based on the 10-month time frame, the timeline from consultation to completion would be as follows:


Month 1- Consultation & deposit

Months 2 & 3- Instalment payments

Month 4- Toile fitting

Month 6- 1st fitting

Month 8- 2nd fitting

Month 10- 3rd fitting, collection & balance payment


For weddings booked earlier or later than this time frame, the timeline and payment plan may alter accordingly.

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